Health & Safety

Lining Solutions Limited take Health & Safety seriously

Health & Safety !

We are conscious of the importance of a safe working environment and have established safety procedures to ensure workers act in a safe manner and are safety conscious.

Lining Solutions have developed processes and documentation to ensure workers are committed to robust health & safety values which include – Site Specific Safety Plan, Tool Box Meetings, Safety Logs (accident register, hazard control register, near miss register etc) formal inductions, safety audits, and equipment audits. 

We take health & safety seriously, and want everyone to return home in the same state as they left.

Safety Is Important !

Site Safe

All tradesmen site safe certified. 

PPE Gear

Steel Capped boots, hard hat, gloves, ear protection, protective clothing – visi wear, respirator / mask, eye protection. Working area clear.

Safety Awareness

30 seconds is all it takes to complete the identification, delegation and mitigation of work place hazards and incidents. Stop and assess the work environment.

Safety Systems

Site Specific Safety Plan, Formal Inductions, Tool Box Meetings, Safety Logs (Task Analysis, Accident Register, Hazard Control Register, Near Miss Register etc) , Safety Audits, Equipment Audits.