Services !

We offer work types that complement one another, leading to a superior finish.


We supply insulation that is Brandz certified and guaranteed by industry leaders. Our installers know the correct technique and are fast .

Supply Plasterboard

We supply plasterboard that is Brandz certified and is the wall ling industry standard. It is guaranteed by suppliers that are industry leaders within the construction industry.We have excellent lasting relationships with suppliers and get the best prices with no job too big or small.Each job measured to the most economical sized sheets. The quantities are measured precisely by our quantity surveyors to your plan’s specification – Performance board (Standard, Aqualine, Noiseline, Braceline etc).

Fix Plasterboard

We use qualified plasterboard fixers that achieve a skilled smooth finish. A good fixing job sets the standard to achieving a superior wall lining finish. Horizontal fix to get clean smooth surfaces. Using economical methods to suit your plan specifications. We supply all fixings

Stopping Plasterboard

Lining Solutions have fully qualified plasterboard stoppers and plasterers that can stop to the highest level 5 finish. Level 4 and 5 Quality finishes .Square stop. Finishing trims such as Negative Detail, Control Joints etc. Trade qualified

Paint – Interior / Exterior

Lining Solutions use skilled painters to complete the process and active a smooth, clean, high standard of finish to your internal linings. Supply, protective drop sheets, preparation, roll / spray. Qualified and skilled tradesmen. Lining Solutions combine complementary work types by focuses the responsibility of the interior finish on Interior Linings and consolidating the lining process freeing up time you the client.